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We are raising our voices to show hope and offer help!

Every day, in communities across Texas, NAMI offers help and hope to individuals impacted by a mental health condition, to their families and friends, and to their support systems.

This year, we have been sharing stories of help and of hope, and joining together to raise our voices. As we share our stories, we encourage you to raise your voice too. If you need help, reach out. We are here. If you want to share your story, speak up. We are here.

"My mother went to our local NAMI searching for understanding and support. Once I began my journey to life in recovery, I slowly eased my way into getting involved by volunteering...Now I have a myriad of functions, including Peer-to-Peer facilitator, Ending the Silence presenter, and other duties that provide me with meaning and a sense of fulfillment." ~Samantha

"It may sound dramatic to say NAMI has changed my life for the better, but it truly has...NAMI has certainly equipped me to be a messenger of hope for those living with and impacted by mental illness. Thank you NAMI for equipping me to be an advocate and power for change for mental illness while reducing the stigma that goes along with it!" ~Diane

"My battle with depression began after my divorce from my high school sweetheart. I lost not only my husband, but also my home, my career as an RN, and my three kids to debilitating depression and suicide attempts...I was introduced to NAMI through a NAMI Connection support group...I believe that telling my story is doing my part to educate others and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness." ~Becky

"While in treatment I was introduced to NAMI. NAMI offers hope to those with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. My journey has been an arduous one, but I have been blessed beyond measure...I have continued to grow with a focus on "self-care." I am a Connection facilitator, Peer-to-Peer mentor, In Our Own Voice presenter, Smarts teacher, WRAP facilitator, and more! My path to recovery is bright and engaging." ~Byl

"My mom mentioned NAMI to me so I checked out their website and I saw that the NAMI 2009 convention was coming up...(attending) was one of the best decisions I made in my life. NAMI has transformed my life. It has given me purpose, and the ability to help others. NAMI has been a part of my life since 2009, and recovery has been possible because of it." ~Leah

We invite you to add your voice and your support for NAMI Texas. In the words of Diane, one of our Affiliate leaders, "NAMI Texas has a strong emphasis on delivery of people-centered programs of education and support. NAMI family and peer education signature courses coupled with support groups are the heart of NAMI and the element of a successful affiliate and state organization. NAMI Texas makes trainings for course and support group leadership readily available and affordable."

Please make a donation to our voices of hope campaign today. Every voice deserves to be heard!

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